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Let's Talk Forensic Anthropology

This week over 200 students participated in Let's Talk Science's Classroom CSI designed and facilitated by PhASE researcher and LTS Program Contributor, Dr. Stephanie Calce. Students from classrooms across Canada, grades 7 through 12 worked to solve a (fictitious!) forensic case and identify an unknown missing person.

Thanks to all LTS organizers, especially Crystal Washington (MS, Education), Anthropology undergraduates Marina Ma and Jena Bjola for sharing their research, and to all the participating students and educators for their enthusiasm and insightful questions.

LTS offers hands-on learning experiences in STEM for youth, in both school and community settings. Check out their program offerings for your classroom, or get involved as a volunteer in their outreach activities.

Stay tuned for future learning opportunities between PhASE UVic and LTS!

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